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Licensing Your Network

Any time you want to use a BRIDGE system, you will need to acquire hardware and license the network. This guide shows the steps to license your network for whatever time period is necessary for your project.

Billing & Licensing Tab

To purchase a new license head to the Billing and Licensing Tab in the Just Networking Platform

Purchase a License

  • First, click the PLUS button on the Licenses section.

  • Everything you need to get going will happen in this window.

  • Choose between a subscription or a single use license

  • Single use licenses will expire

  • Subscriptions will auto-renew

Create or Assign to a Network

  • You can create a new network or assign the license you're creating to an existing network, including adding devices that you manage.

  • None of this is required, and you can modify it t any time later, but doing it now saves time

Create or Assign a Billing Account

You can have as many billing accounts as you want so that different networks are billed to the appropriate card.

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