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Connect with other Bridge users

Peers is the very simple friend system within the Bridge platform that allows you to connect with other users to use their devices, let them use yours, and generally collaborate.

Send a Peer Request

  • Go to the Peers tab

  • Click the PLUS button

  • Enter the E-mail of your Peer

  • Click Request

Accept the Request

  • Your peer receives a notification in their account

  • Click Pending Request

  • Click the CHECK mark to confirm

  • Requestor receives confirmation

Make them a Manager

  • Now that you are connected you can give them manager rights on your network

  • in your network side panel, click the PLUS on managers

  • Select the peer you just connected with

  • Now, they can add their device to the network or add you as a manager on the device and let you add it. It's all flexible so everyone can access what they need.

  • If you want to know more about adding devices, follow the link below

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